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«Active age»

Site for supporting the Sberbank card «Active age». The project carries an informational basis, where, whenever possible, both practical information for persons from the target group and data on the capabilities of the card itself and its privileges are combined.

Product development is carried out by iteration. Based on the current version, the design is being modernized according to the possibilities at this stage.

Here are the concepts of website templates design, their stylistic presentation.

Iteration # 2. Home page
This is the second version, the front page concept. The previous version is just below.

This time the design was based on the magazine style. All articles are stitched with services, and on the main page they are absent as a class — that's the whole point.

Iteration # 1. Home page
The design inherits the structure of a rich information portal. As it turned out above, this is a small flaw in the general approach. However, the internal content is more discreet and does not represent overload.

The page shows the latest changes and a preview of the main directions.

An example of internal content design. All pictures are full-size, and throughout the article special inserts from information blocks.
Course section. Each course is special and contains videos specially prepared by specialists and professional psychologists.
Articles are presented in which the services and organizational capabilities of Sberbank are integrated. The material is prepared to order by people who specialize in this area.
It assumes the aggregation of data from official sources and a strict selection of materials for the target audience.
Sports and recreation
The section contains all accessible and interesting places for groups who want to save money, but have a good time.
Mobile version
Pages are easily adaptable to mobile formats.
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