Siberian guy
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Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
Design of all advertising
UX, UI, experience design
Business advice

Attention! Pictures for the project were taken from the pages of the Internet as a demonstration of style / script and the transfer of the general mood (a Mood Board).
Developing brand Siberian WoodWorkers

We try to be open as much as possible in relation to customers. Showing workers, their everyday lives. People like the openness and friendliness. They want to see that, for someone is selling products, who do. Let it even be fictional, but the degree of confidence will still be maximized. This is especially true of people who are associated with the construction.

The basis of the brand - it is open due to the actual workers. Style form beautiful pictures, illustrations, and, very importantly, a graphical flow of text / information. Line (grid / layout) and color form a common style in the design trend.

The sign and logo
At the heart of the sign is cut of a tree, in particular the emphasis on the annual rings. The company performs various tasks, produces a multitude of products, ie, in fact, we can all be expressed in specific figures, the number - it means that the annual rings can characterize each area. For example, the sign has a very thick ring (core) - the ring is our company. Inside this ring enclosed many other rings (including middle, core) - is the activity of the company and its products. Rings can be vast. Depending on the size and location of the sign we can vary the number of them. For example, a small sign will have less number of rings - to better reading and learning.
For example, illustrate the section "stages of construction of houses" with the sign.
As a corporate font selected Grosse Kunst (studio Lebedev) - open humanistic grotesque with clear, sharp shapes and eye-catching details, creating hooks to the eye and makes the font characteristic and recognizable.

Font family consists of three scripts, which figure is based on a broad-pen letter. Depending on the purpose of tracing different expressiveness and degree of finish. Normal - low-contrast and neutral - suitable for any text boxes. Aktsidentnoe more dynamic and contrast, easy to read at greater distances, it would be appropriate to pointers in navigation labels, warnings, and so forth. Expressive straight course decorate the headlines, ads, billboards and advertising columns.

Mood Board
Primary colors. They are calm, adequate contrast and classic for this topic.
Stationery. Letterhead, business card, envelope.
The site is divided into three main sections and is designed in strict form: "Poganazhnye products", "raw" and "Construction of buildings".
Example icon to accompany the content.
Sketchy outline aways
Another printing
Sketchy outline printing (Mood Board)
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