of values

Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Photo and Video production
Business advice
Development of the brand «GESSE»
The new brand. The same Apple products and related products.

What can we offer to the market?

How to be interesting in the background Apple style as to be different, but to stay in the trend?

We chose a clear disclosure of Apple advertising technology (manipulation of consciousness) and strengthened its cult of personality psychology.

The new logo

The roots of it leads to the German-Swiss writer — Herman Hesse, who wrote the famous «The Glass Bead Game.» All our projects have a game model, as well as the brand.

Who do we trust, whose opinion is decisive for us? Advertisement Do more than the authority of the word?
We believe that an authoritative opinion more important to us: mass ratings, opinions of acquaintances, friends, leading experts ... Famous artists, writers, travelers, company directors and heads of departments, sportsmen, students of leading universities and other distinguished people — all of them are involved in our promise in product advertising.

So that tells us the best photographer of the year?

What others are saying?
Do not forget about ordinary people. This is an integral part of the brand, are the ones to whom we mostly design our philosophy. Product Availability — is the foundation of our vision.
We work on the principle: «I'm James Bond, just drink Vodka with Martini»
«Shaken, not stirred» ©
This example is most striking to our ideology, because cult film has long been turned into a hidden advertising platform for large intercontinental brands. vehicles Advertising, beverages, cigarettes, lifestyle, etc. — all this is put into the script for the most money. And it works. In fact — this is a great promotional video in the genre of action.
But this is not enough — the availability of images. We need the characters combine heterogeneous objects in a single picture.
Which bar will bring together the whole picture of what rhythm you choose?
We need a symbol combining heterogeneous objects in a single picture. So, ...
The very symbol of the triangle, pyramid allows you to successfully implement the tasks — and crop the image, combine objects into a single unit, creating a dynamic view of the viewer in the right direction. In addition, in exceptional circumstances, we can use diagonal lines as part of the figure (keeping in mind the triangle and draw a line).
Perfectly! Take a triangle and composition fall apart, it will become meaningless, unstable.
We use already existing and proven technology Apple periodically increasing their more powerful visuals. A more honest way.
An example of the home page.
Examples of adaptation of style on various media.
Stars Product
So, what the stars say about the product? Example of advertising printing ...
Shopping room
The concept of decorating building interiors. Two types of posters: «without» and «with» people.
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