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Scope of work:
Concept development
Full–stack development
Creative copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Photo and Video production
Business advice
UNIT. Complex site development.

Held in the framework of the large through-brendnig UNIT. Enter and run-style in all areas of advertising. In particular, the developed site, the design of which was held iterations - consistently and gradually, taking into account the flow of the working material, texts and tasks. We are moving from simple to complex. The extreme version is presented here.

The approach to product strictly individual. Starting from the study regulations and finishing boxes, site, polygraphy.

Index page
Home UNIT contains a combination of squares with blocks. Some units are animated. Links can lead in the list of products, and in the catalog section.

Website rubber and takes into account the screen size. All photos of his models. Model shot in the studio. Light - Broncolor.

Shooting products
In the process, we are self-filmed more than 60 types of goods. More than 6,000 workers pictures.
The result was a great and simple directory with large photographs. Nothing extra. European style.
Card product
A sample of the product.
Other products. For example, a teapot.
Short story and presentation UNIT section of the company. Blocks are animated and move from bottom to top as the page scroll. The effect of Parallax.
Animated menu. Pop sections squares.
During the works we created different types of ad units. More than 50 pieces.
Painted accompanying icons.
People and brand
To dilute the atmosphere of the site, we invited professional models.

Package design
Entire site falls under the clearance. All goods are described from scratch. Here's a sample packages that were in the printing industry. Developed more than 40 boxes.
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