Siberian guy
knows his stuff

Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
Design of all advertising
UX, UI, experience design
Business advice

Attention! Pictures for the project were taken from the pages of the Internet as a demonstration of style / script and the transfer of the general mood (a Mood Board).
Siberian WoodWorkers. Website design templates.

As part of the development of the brand concept sketches site have been prepared. It is important to note that the site we maintain the style of direct speech, communicating the company's employees with the consumer — is open, friendly, simple and clear. It is natural.

The site is divided into three main sections and is designed in strict form: "Poganazhnye products", "raw" and "Construction of buildings".

Examples of the drop-down menu. Here, as in other projects, the decision in this case, quite effective in terms of navigation and additional advertising, emphasizes the need product.

Menu. Construction of houses.

Menu. Pogonazhnye products.

Menu. Raw materials.
Here we have tried to tell you about the types of wood and show them the main difference.
Stages of production
Here we talk about the stages of construction, manufacturing
Other templates
Everywhere we are trying to sustain the overall style and how to direct it to specialists - those who actually builds and produces.
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