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This is a kind of project that accumulates memorable records of people who have passed away on its website. Anyone, a relative, for a fee, can post on the site a description of a person's life stages, photographs, videos and other data.

The site contains both celebrities and ordinary people. Additional services and page design options are also offered - from the simplest form to personalized design.

Home page
Here are the latest posts, anniversaries, celebrities and news.
Extended description
Each user is given publication options - from small to advanced. This example shows a VIP view where large amounts of data can be accommodated.
Promotional design
Promotional templates are available on request.
Site functionality
As examples, various states of user activity on the site are shown.

AJAX search


User's menu

Example news

The catalog and search results are formed into pages with additional filtering parameters.
Personal Area
The largest part of the site is the administrative interface, which is divided into two types: for users and partners.

There are two types of cards: memorable places and people. So, for example, adding a person occurs through the following form.

Tariff selection. The simplest is the «cheapest». Preview.
List of published cards. Each publication has a control menu.
Partner Cabinet
If there are some partners, then a separate interface is displayed for them, where customers can be added and published.
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