Website templates design
Проект SynergyPhoto

The task of the site is to post photos related to the SYNERGY university, exchange and communication between users.

Content was thought over and design of site templates was developed.

Programming is carried out by the customer.

Home page
The site is planned to be "rubber". The main page contains new publications, main ratings, news and competitions.

Above there is a large block with photos in rotation. They are animated like a slideshow. The animation is presented as a film shift to the right.

Catalogs are in the form of a selection from stacks of photographs, the number of which is determined by the amount of data or simply some kind of systematicity - in order to be original. Photos in the background appear in front, if you move the mouse arrow over them - the z-index changes.

General catalog
The directory has a classical hierarchy. In order to be original, the external presentation is broken down into a rhythm of various blocks. The Z-index of the back photos also changes when you hover over them with the mouse arrow.
Event page
Here, a page is entirely dedicated to a specific event, where all relevant photos are presented.
The photo
The photo page provides navigation and commenting functionality. Below are also "similar" photos.
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