Scope of work:
Website design templates
International Union of Economists

The new site will inherit the former Union of economists tradition - highlight forthcoming events, forums and seminars. Updated design, improved navigation system. Now it is very convenient to apply for the event.

The reason for the renewal of IUE was the beginning of cooperation with the University of Synergy.

Index page
Announcement of upcoming events the original decision.

Also on the main highlights past events, publish news.

Event catalog
In the header filter by dates. It highlights the main event.
Here it is the main content of a typical event, hosted by administrators. Background inherits the announcement of the picture and the software automatically blurred in the background, creating a harmony effect.
Example applications
Form a simple and easy to be filled.
Text page
One of the templates design the page text. It is shown that the block system and its general rhythm.
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