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01.02.2010 — 01.02.2014
Scope of work:
Concept development
Full–stack development
Creative copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Photo and Video production
Business advice
Complex site development. iCases.

As part iCases brand development, website was created on the basis of 1C-Bitrix platform (Business edition). In the online store are thousands of products with a variety of unique features and capabilities.

Index page
Here are the typical promotional offers. Promote events, publishes important announcements and news.

An example of the pull-down menu


Login window

Video news
Each news as soon as it becomes more or less modest importance, here accompanied by such rollers. The shooting took place directly in the shop.

Examples of banners for home page.

The root directory partition is designed as a promotional page. Products highlighted in thematic blocks and layout illustrations.
Site administrators spend a unique policy - the goods they are prepared better than the competition. All description is made on the templates developed by content experts.

Central photos posted on the background filter «Multiply». As a result, photo on the white background nice lie on a gray plate.

Examples of pop-up blocks
Information modal windows are located throughout the site, allowing the user to not go to another page - this is convenient.

Quick order


Catalogue of the second level.
Active filter.
Filter catalog second level.
Not that prodovat,
but as Sell Now!
In early 2014, we launched a unique project — began to sell products, integrating them into the thematic groups through the respective stories. All stories wrote themselves. Each topic contains not only informative and interesting text, but also entertaining video with corresponding pictures.

Manipulation Art
Example of a page with stories (smaller part of the layout).
Living example
Below we provide a layout for placement of stories on this site.

The thirst for wandering.
Great explorers

Built for racing.
FERRARI — adrenaline and luxury

Spring inspiration.
P.R.B. — the cult of beauty

Best Sound.
BOSE — this love of music

The best of the best.
APPLE — a harmony of design and IT

Icon of automotive style.
BMW — the car driver

Ordering example
Making the holidays
Separate registration deserved all the important events of the country. These included the holidays: February 15, February 23, March 8, 1 September, the New Year. In the Women's Day in all colors. We draw a lot of pictures, take pictures and render advertising media. The basis through registration - the game of transformation.
The bottom of the site just decorates a banner.
Promotional page contains excerpts of famous poems, illustrations, products, and music videos.
All the flowers — is the transformation of our ball into images. In this case, our images — it's flowers. Many colors!

Especially for the registration of the font was purchased from Art Lebedev studio — Syuyuc Script

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