12.09.2014 —
Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Design of all advertising
Full–stack Development
Photo and Video production
Advertising campaigns
Business advice
Development and maintenance of the brand «UNIT»

The brand was founded based on the square as some canvas on which the product is beaten by artists, illustrators - interesting, symbolic touch, emphasizing the main design.

This form allows you to play not focus on certain stylistic details - only the form of a square limit our desires.

We want to visually emphasize the product to beat its forms, motifs.

UNIT — a unit source, a simple form. Obviously, the simplest plane symbol may be for us, square, cube volume. If we imagine a square canvas and draw on it our goods in all its significance, we can get a tool for direct manipulation by the viewer's perception.

One form —
1000 fantasies
The color palette figuratively refers to the rigor and «German» culture — our deliberate choice.
Load project
>50 products
The brand has more than 50 innovative consumer products. All this requires registration and support on all advertising media.
Adapting logo
As part of the rebranding, we held regular shooting of the products.

As the picture
We are inspired by art. UNIT want to be part of this art.

Package design
We have issued more than 50 products. Here are some of them. The cases our pictures. The idea of ​​forming a single style.

Scan layouts
Example. Prepare the box for printing.
Physical commodity
Logos and boxes in my life. Brought provisional party in office.
Quality control
Color output is controlled by the fan Panton.
The body kit with associations, as an additional stimulation of the imagination.
Now we offer a look at how to work, if the goods need to pull out from the background. Not always we can afford to work with the product, interrupting his vivid picture. we called the «body kit» this technology. Its meaning is to give short weight goods blocks abstract with associative images (on the principle of «understatement»).

Affect to the extent possible, on the viewer's brain. Easily and efficiently. For example, a teapot, we show how to turn on the imagination of two squares. In our case it's some cuisine. Her image is entirely a figment of your imagination.

Foursquare as a tool
One more example. Tea weight wrong completely arbitrary units - up and running again! A hair dryer was tied to a large block of abstract picture.
Difficult view
Examples of working with objects in a difficult term.
Posters in the office
We have prepared a series of posters for decoration of the office.

Icons have a simple solution. Fanatical use square is strictly forbidden — it is not beautiful. We need flexibility and the opportunity to design the development, use the «round» shape. In keeping with the fact that a simple form — square, we have come up with the most simple icon. The 3d-modeling is named a low-poly.
Logo in life
Office building.
Site development
Website inherits the ideology of squares, all the content is built to block the system. Card products have different variations of block design grid of squares — it is not boring and always beautiful.

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Artists for UNIT
Style UNIT is designed solely to ensure that the different artists worked on the design. The beauty of it is dependent on the graphics level. For example, we bought the patterns from Lebedev studio for the party few products.
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