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The last ten years of the development of the Internet have transferred part of the life of society into a virtual space, where everyone finds the necessary information for themselves, reads news, scientific and literary publications. In this created world, it is already possible to sell, buy, present services and manufactured products. It has become so convenient, accessible and simple that the digital world absorbs outdated communication technologies and completely replaces them, offering new solutions for communication, entertainment and commerce. Business moves to the Internet, develops rapidly, integrates its ideas, services and goods into it. All this increases the requirements for technical resources, creates a demand for high-speed communication channels, powerful servers and reliable data centers.

In these data centers, enterprising people place their solutions. The installed servers can host anything and in any volume. Figuratively speaking, we can shove a business into one server. Technologically, it looks simple - we draw the boundaries of the business and its requirements, and specialists place it in data centers.

Following this logic, we come to a graphical concept based on the server itself, its shape and outline, which allows stylistically finding connections between the real world and the virtual in a playful way.

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