Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Photo and Video production
Business advice
Brand development RedSoft

REDSOFT offers site development and support, advertising campaigns, development and maintenance of brands. Any of its service — this is the work team, which outputs the final product.

This product can be represented as a box. It's simple — open and use the new features. Develop and upgrade business. Explore the beautiful design, powerful programming, advertising creative, effective solutions, unique research.

The main thing
The idea is based on the maximum interaction of the product and consumers. Logo as a kind of perception of boxed product — it can be represented in the plane and in the interior.
They create a sense of volume. In these areas we are investing or their parts.
Services in technical maintenance of websites also packaging in the box. Batch service — it's convenient!
Corporate colors
Their use is limited harmoniously. Do not abuse the red — it is not our intention.
Prefabricated mix of printing prototypes. Brochures, business cards, models, souvenirs...

The design of the home page. Original, stylish and modern presentation of information.

It's comfortable. On all occasions — box solution. The complex, of course, business.
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