Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
Design of all advertising
UX, UI, experience design
Photo and Video production
Business advice
Development of the brand, «Your Pension Broker»

In close cooperation with the customer, it developed a corporate style of the company and held the support of many advertising campaigns, promotions and events. In particular, a very good experience has been gained in the production of the exclusive nature of souvenirs: ceramic artists and the skin on the basis of design sketches were made souvenirs, prizes and gift baskets.

Example of advertising modules: a leaflet, a plastic card with embossed logo, advertising page in the newspaper.
Accompanying promotions company, we have produced a variety of prizes and souvenirs for the participants of competitions and programs. For example, "Your Pension Broker" has sponsored a major chess tournament. They are all created by hand by a master of ceramics and the skin on the basis of technical specifications and design sketches.
Another printing
Examples of design of advertising media (benches and stationery)
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