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Development of the brand «MAVIKOM»

In terms of visual presentation, furniture theme is quite complicated. Banal solutions are obvious and do not bear stylistic development — that is direct demonstration of the product itself robs us of individuality, and thus the possibility of filing in an interesting form of advertising and brand.

So we turn from one side to the material world, on the other hand to the spiritual world — at the level of visual images.

The essence of the brand — it is a figurative representation of arising thoughts, words, consumers in tangible forms, objects around us.

In fact we can say that all we have is the result of our deeds and thoughts of those who served as an impetus to the realization itself. Moreover, the wave theory of our world, from the point of view of physics, is subject to the impact of our thoughts on the world around us, that just does not preclude the possibility of the serious involvement of our consciousness in the life of mankind. Why not, right? Obviously.

We all want the comfort and well-being, so many of us are making the task aggressively starting with goal setting. We begin the formation of the image of the furniture with the letter, which already can be a form of association, which carries the volume and texture, as the basis for recognition in the topics subject of conversation.

Office furniture
Any furniture when there is a desire
The philosophy of «the formation of the material world by means of our thoughts» is rich enough for creativity and self-realization. And it does not matter who is using this technology to their advantage, if it is a noble and worthy. Our life has a right to a fairy tale, which only can be in full form and describe the most deeply our lives.

I thought — received. Welcome to a world where the idea and objects of material simultaneously.

It makes no sense to communicate such a complicated philosophy to consumers. Therefore, the problem is solved at the level of balance between the shape of the letters, furniture and texture of their uniting. Those. in our game involves three complementary binding member.
First letter.
Furniture — it is always a design solution form, which, in the opinion of the designer, is convenient in everyday terms, is aesthetically pleasing and satisfying price segment. That is, logically, we can safely assume as any form of furniture, as we consider necessary — in this case the letter as the source.

There remains one problem — through advertising to create a stable associative image. Here we have a very advantageous position — form a unique style of the company is not going beyond the reasonable and leaving the main attributes of furniture themes in advertising modules.

Branded clothing of personnel. The idea is that the mark as it pours out its color to the upper part of the mold. Again, the sign is involved in the formation of the object.
Office concept
Sketch of office premises. Volumetric letters — created on the basis of the bas-reliefs. Glass covered with textures on objects projecting your image.
Adapting the style on the advertising medium.
Concept Souvenirs
Example aways. This keychain. letters covered material Party.
Sketches adware. It can be clearly seen how the idea of ​​additionally allows emphases.
Business Cards
Their peculiarity is that they can be simply printed and printed ... for VIP-use. This means covering letters (on the back of Stronie) of this texture.
Perfect solution of certificates that are distributed to customers and their partners. In this case it acts as a unique texture pattern.
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