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2016 Calendar TECHRU. Impressionism. Il est interdit d’interdire.

«When I copy Van Gogh — I’m Van Gogh,
when I copy Cézanne — I’m Cézanne ...»

We do not seek to change the world, but something is still possible — speak with her some social action and give calendars leading the TOP-managers of more than a hundred companies.

Today, in Russia, we prohibit the fine, good. And the legendary May demonstration in France in 1968 inspired the creation of the actual paintings ban topics. «Prohibit prohibited!» - We say. Or in French: «Il est interdit d’interdire!» ... And there were slogans: «La poésie est dans la rue!», «La culture est l‘inversion de la vie!», «L’imagination au pouvoir!», «Le bonheur est une idée neuve.», «Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible!» ...

Draw. Canvas. Butter. 40x50 sm — the original size.
We do to under the A2 format.
We chose the style of the Impressionists. This year, one of our artists, visited a record number of museums and exhibitions (Russia, France, Germany, Austria). And it would be logical to finish the season a beautiful calendar with your own, original paintings in their favorite genre.

So, the calendar project included 12 sheets by month, 1 cover and transparent sheets TECHRU circuit between them. TECHRU as if looking through a prism of our world, and sees only the good things. We turn over them and be inspired to create a view.

Cover title in French, which is natural. Smart necessarily find the roots of the allegory, the rest will be held by or they just like the theme itself — fat and moonshine.
The draft has a transparent film between the sheets.
Next come all month’s.
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