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CreativePhoto. Optimization of mass photography. Polygraphy and Digital.

Within the framework of cooperation with KreativikFoto, technical aspects have been optimized, which allow taking pictures on chroma key and clipping photographs, keeping their maximum quality. It was based on the task of conducting mass shooting in schools and kindergartens, while spending a minimum amount of effort on the final product.

As a result, the company has moved to a new level of filming, placing children as realistically as possible in pre-prepared locations.

The essence of the work. Chromakey.
We shoot on a chroma key. Optimized graphics software algorithms crop photos with maximum detail preservation.
The graphics software algorithms place the photo in different locations. For example, like this ...
The company develops a variety of storyline locations to choose from. Lots of layers and options for their layout. For example, like this...
... or, as another example, so...
Mobile presentation
Three types of mobile presentations of graduation albums have been developed. For schools, high and low grades. And for kindergartens.
Graduation album
The album has a completely innovative approach to presenting photographs. Combined printing from design paper with embossed and glossy.
Work results
Today the company has all the technical capabilities to shoot children as if they were outside the shooting booth. A few examples...
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