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01.02.2010 — 01.02.2014
Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Design of all advertising
Full–stack Development
Photo and Video production
Advertising campaigns
Business advice
Development and maintenance of the brand «iCases»

The style-based brand founded game form, which we understand as a dynamic branding.

This transformation of matter, which, at rest, is a smooth ball. But if it mutates into products and services — a lot of ideas, different directions. We spend allegory, joking, playing. The ball does not carry the sign section. Ball — this is our business vision, visualization of our work and products. It's a game.

An example of many variations.
One flows into the other:
Each word is associated with the image — one that we want. It all depends on our imaginary objects and associations.
Сhain stores
The company is actively opens its stores in the central areas of Moscow.
This accumulation of images: different character, interesting, dynamic, mobile, plastic, alive ... Through these images we can see the main thing — the company itself.
Shopping areas design concept
During the work, we plan the future design of commercial premises. Light, airy style. Bright blocks as if imbued with light grooves, giving the impression of volume — as if behind a skeleton has something shimmering color of emerald.
We draw illustrations. For the posters we invite professional models and then photographed.
The new site has been developed as part of the branding (look how cool is made). All products are transferred to the new architecture. Much has been done. Powered by 1C-Bitrix (Business edition).
News, announcements and events we recorded on video. Presenter — Andrey Surikov.
A huge number of posters have been developed — for various events and activities. All the items sold have quality certificates. Own service center as well and gave their documents. Here are some examples:
Separate registration deserved all the important events of the country. These included the holidays: February 15, February 23, March 8, 1 September, the New Year. On September the children going to school. We draw a lot of pictures, take pictures and render advertising media. The basis through registration — the game of transformation.
Look at how many have been drawn to the festival:
March 8: all colors and in verse! Has done a great job. It was painted more than 50 different colors for the 10 banners!
Users of the service center.
Discount cards. discount value depends on the total amount of purchases for the entire time. Regular customers receive a 7%.
An example of adaptation to the different style of advertising media: banners, flyers and posters.

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