Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Photo and Video production
Business advice
Development of the brand «GTV»

Any secrets you can try to open up, if you connect your imagination. As a small help the human brain is able to finish and not enough detail to show the world in its entirety. Magician hiding something in his hat, teasing viewers understatement, makes us dream, to be included in the game ... First, the subject of the shows, intriguing, and then pulls out of his hat missiles and spacecraft, boats and sailboats of incredible beauty, fun rabbits and birds singing around a lot of curl naked muses and angels ... imagine? Now, it offers rest, relax, laugh ... Do you want to Charlie Chaplin? ... Here it is, please ... Do you want the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? — Please, listen ... Something smarter can Einstein? — Please, here it already casts a spell over his new formula of the universe ... We may guess or guess what will happen next, but, in any case, it's always so interesting!

And what about all those lovely images that our brain can imagine because of some lust of desire of knowledge, to materialize in himself all the thoughts that arise in us. In this spirit the diversity of unrestrained captures himself — that thought is what happened ... Who imagined - and he appeared. And all this splendor is available to us, to our mind, which is like a magician gives us a stunning spectacle ...

— And what would that be? — you ask...

This 15 video channels, 15 thematic ethereal spaces, accumulating a desire to knowledge, entertainment and contemplation. Scientific programs, cultural transmission, it-market news, children's programs and much more to create a project team GTV.

The appearance of all images in our worlds can be generated directly innuendo, mystery, enigma. This association as a result of reticence, which can be removed only just parted the secret that is hidden from us ... And let's dive into the crazy world of visual images, objects and sound effects, which for the most part are accumulated in our lives by means of television... More specifically, in this case, the progress of nanotechnology in the world, we call it the video content.
And, of course, the basis for the formation of the brand, as you might already understand, we are laying the principle of the puzzle. This principle is based on the formal part of the image, most correctly prompting proper direction of our thoughts. All this we are developing in a crazy scenario, animation, implements all the possible subjective situation.

The images are formed from individual recognizable elements translate into the whole story of the river, which characterize each channel in its own way. Various scenarios and their life moments.
The principle of understatement
Simply put, we come to the basic foundation of advertising technologies, when the desire to try the product become apparent in order to eliminate the very understatement. To taste. You see?
The images are generated for each topic in the form that we are laying. Any scripts and drama ... Physics? — Please, from the atom to the matter ... Children's channel? — Please, from the sun to life .... Tricks? — Please, from hats to the hare ... We ask ourselves the necessary dynamics. But, you can not plunge into arbitrary animations — it always depends on the mortgaged reference point, starting from which things are moving. All topics and ideas, any image, any mood, we are forming for the viewer, helping us to tune to the desired wavelength.
It's incredibly impressive!
Uncertainty — the main source of desire. The discovery of new knowledge, emotions, news - that the channel base and the formation of his style. 15 channels. 15 topics. 15 of our worlds.
Set of solutions
Diversity, diversity of brands. The whole point behind the scenes.
Life is more interesting, if you look!
And in its wake, GTV team has created their own videos. Here are some of them:
In one set of sub-brands brand. And they all share one thing — it's an idea.
Site concept
Sketch of the site and its stylistic elements.
Example of one of the rooms (the sketch). Here we have uncovered part of the storyline for Pablo Picasso's motives.
Sketches solutions
Mudbord. Sketches prototypes of advertising media.
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