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02.06.2015 — 25.06.2016
Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Design of all advertising
Full–stack Development
Photo and Video production
Advertising campaigns
Business advice
Development and maintenance of the brand «Gmini»

Gmini takes his naming of the word Gemini — the twins. This theme was chosen as a key for the development of ideas.

Gmini — modern and young company in the mobile market. The main direction of sales: innovative electronic gadgets. This includes topics such as: electronic books, action cameras, video recorders. Recently Gmini entered the Finnish market, where its development plans with another range than the Russian segment.

The new logo
The new version of the letters are slightly thicker, flattened width circles, changed interalphabetic distance.
The idea in the game — as the most progressive form of the development of the brand. Just how flexible we can work with the style and develop it determines the future of the company. Including ourselves — people.
We may wear different
clothes, have a few names,
but the our image of determines —
the sum of games, our behaviors and culture.
Thus, part of the sign can be expressed as:
  • The juxtaposition of two pictures whose content is correlated.
  • Playing two characters in various states of «atmosphere». Signs are the connecting elements. Their color is inherited from the opposite field, as it were, linking the disparate halves of one whole.

The border is everywhere — yellow
And here is how it can be expressed in the sign:
As usual, the game — many faces, but united in fact. One image — a thousand solutions.
Technique of construction
Twins in the normal state and the Twins as a link different character zones.
Dominant corporate colors: yellow and blue. Warm yellow as it dilutes the cold blue. They harmony. Yellow — the most versatile color.
Packaging concept
The foundation and the key design adaptation — packaging products, their presentation. We introduce a formal border, as the game, but a mandatory component.
Twins bring harmony to chaos, finding in it the balance. They as a link, as an idea.
Here is an example of the concept development phase of packaging.
And here an example demonstrating the color change — the style is not destroyed. The background are pictures whose presence without signs would not be the best solution.
Load project
>30 products
The brand has more than 30 innovative consumer products. All this requires registration and support on all advertising media.
Final packaging
But already the finished sprinkler series of boxes for different models of e-books. The basis of design are the great classics of world literature: Shakespeare, Dante, Goethe ...
Concept packaging winter hats and action camera
An example of the development of the concept of winter hats with built-in headphones. In order to save on the photos to boxes and posters placed by the staff of the company.

Snowflakes as twins! They fall, hovering in the air like musical notes...

Final packaging
Decorated chargers. Here is an example of the set.
The flexibility of the design perfectly demonstrates the pattern sketch on every possible area. A variety of icons can be arbitrarily large.
The site of the company. Filling gradually updated.
Card product. E-book.
Books catalog section.
We can be abstract, avant-garde, suprematist, symbolic, iconic ... It's fun — and us and the audience.
Advertising concept for pre-order
Launched demo flyers in order to get the maximum number of pre-order from the retailer (internal accompanying advertising).

Demonstration Photo Ball (A4 in half, a booklet), and 3D-helmet (A4):

Create a presentation, reinterpreted the positioning, raised the archives. Part of the presentation can be found here — /eng/site/gmini/
We speak
for modern
and energetic.

For those,
who in move.

Twins can be either the content of the two pictures, contrasting or complementing each other, as well as a significant figure in the different states of a "ether." Sketches of composition:
Catalog cover continues the idea of ​​combining the two symmetrical zones.
And the last in this presentation — bag. It certain abstract zone, where our twins — three. And this topic can easily develop!
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