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22.02.2013 — 20.12.2013
Concept development
Design of all ads
Photography, video filming
Advertising campaigns
Business consulting
And more for this company:
Development and support of the «EXCURSIO» brand

Wise thinkers say: our whole life is a series of events, different in scale and significance. This is a continuous path, where we mark the brightest moments in our memory, in notebooks, journals. This world is incredibly voluminous, with all meanings and endless possibilities, admiration and surprise. This is the cauldron of life, fantastically rich in sights, faces and destiny. A whirlpool of words and numbers, love and disappointment. We ourselves choose who we should be, how we should live, how to relax and how to be impressed.

Our senses shape spectacles and events full of secrets, the size of the entire universe. This is an amazing and incomprehensible world, fascinating with the atmosphere of memories, incredible action, the quintessence of facts and legends. And what could be better than a bright, emotional and informative life ?! Each time we make a choice and follow the path that we have personally determined.

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