Digital Asset

01.05.2019 — 30.05.2019
Concept development
Advertising design
Advertising campaigns
Business consulting
Support of the B2BX brand. Style and site development.

Objective: to support a related, independent B2BX project within the B2Broker flagship brand. Lay down, form the foundations of the likely stylistics and graphic motives, improve the logo.

The logo has undergone minor improvements. Removed unnecessary texts, carried out work on the foundation of the form.

An example of business cards. Here, for the first time, we see a deep purple color - bright and dynamic.
The office is strict, within the framework of the GOST rules.
Moodboard. A set of daily stationery: pens, envelopes, leaflets ...

Here we performed test work on advertising text, where we checked how to work with backgrounds and text in large formats.

Searches for the
home page of the site
Sketches of elements, examples of graphic, style work.
Home page
A video with a product presentation is spinning in the site header. Services, opportunities are presented on the page and, in blocks, are highlighted as active elements.
Landing page
One of the versions of the first landing page for online advertising. Here we are deliberately testing slightly different forms to see the flexibility of the original model and compare further.
Example of other templates
We present to your acquaintance several options for the design of B2BX activity pages.
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