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Illustrations and internet advertising are accompanying elements of any project.

We have completed more than 170 works. And here are some examples covering various directions.

Artistic opportunities

As an example, one of our designers presents this level of work in the most complex technique — canvas, oil.

«Saving Lili Dupre» ... A plot from the book «Lili Dupre. On the verge of reality».
Canvas (90x150cm), oil:

Was (rough sketch) / Now:
Portrait (Title — «Aroma») .
Canvas (60x80cm), oil:

Was (rough sketch) / Now:
The best copy in the world. Mona Lisa.
Oil on canvas. Size: 60x80 cm.

Venice illustration
The size of the illustration (matte painting)
on the maximum side ~ 7000 px
Flash banners TECHRU

Server rental, server placement, virtual dedicated server.

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Illustrations for T-shirts. For a dental clinic. Animals and humans are united by teeth. «I am a squirrel», «I am a lynx»...

Flash banners iCases and KINTO

Advertising of goods and services.

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Illustrations wooden houses

More than a dozen paintings were rendered in the project. Technique: 3D + matte painting.

Registration of themed holidays iCases

More than 50 illustrations were created for each holiday. In the examples, frames from September 1 and March 8.

Flash banners SAXO BANK

As part of the microworld concept, we animated seven banners. Here are three of them: «Large selection of currency pairs. DNA», «Real profits. Oxygen molecule instability / diamond lattice stability and «Service speed. Ideal gas.»

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Freight transportation

For this work, we specially carried out photography and then created a scene in 3D.

Flash banners

Loaders and entertainment project «Humorilla»

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Icons, visualization

All projects are accompanied by various drawings and graphics. Somewhere minimalistic icons are required, and somewhere photorealistic (vector). Somewhere you need to draw a humorous picture, and somewhere to come up with an abstract plot.

Photorealistic rendering

Many projects that require the correct advertising composition require serious work of specialists in visual special effects. We are fluent in this technique and bring to life various static pictures and videos.

Examples where photos are combined with 3D and drawing.

Shots from the photo studio. Demonstration of the production process. We use chromakey.
Story line. Model in the museum.
Advertising of perfume. Visualization of spirits + shooting on chroma key.
Images from the EXCURSIO project. Models shot for advertising posters. Typical visualization and style.
Here the models are immersed in the atmosphere of the animal world and closely «cooperate» with it.
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