The best copy
in the world.
Mona Lisa.

About work
The best copy of Mona Lisa painting in the world! For all the time!

Size: 60x80 cm.
Canvas, oil.

+ Restoration + Detailing

The painting, which inherits the full artistic part. Moreover, many of the key details of the painting are mathematically accurate.

Fact: I was compelled to paint very quickly. 10 hours a day. 21 day.
My Video Message
My painting is part of a huge project. The book is written. Four volumes. But I still paint pictures. I am looking for a publishing house. Great video!..
Here's what I think about it ...
About the author
A few words about me. Who I am, what I do.
My biography. Surikov Andrey.
To achieve accuracy, I had three iterations.

First, I drew with an oil pencil. Secondly, I did the acrylic underpainting. Thirdly, I did many layers of oil paint.
The science
It is not enough to see the original painting. To make a copy, we need knowledge. I read a lot, saw a lot. For example, this video.
My daughter signed the painting. This is a tradition. My daughter is an art director.
In the original, the signature is on the back of the painting.
Everything is relative.

However, there are few good copies. I propose to compare with the original painting (Louvre) and the painting of the Prado Museum.
Even more
Have you seen my other paintings? Or see a copy of the Mona Lisa in high resolution?

Please visit my gallery. You will see all my paintings. Many of them are for sale.
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