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Scope of work:
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BCN AVENUE. Complex site development.

The purpose of the project — sale of real estate in Spain. Navigation in areas takes place by selecting parameters in the filter — there are only three, and they are the most important.

As part of the overall work, we have also developed a logo.

Index page
Here are briefly presented all directions (about five) and for each of these five objects displayed. As well as showing news and services.

To view the layout of the main page here.

Demo-version of the home page
This concept is not in production, but has some interesting graphics solutions. Also presented a version of the logo.
An example of a pop-up window
It shows a functional window, where you can draw a letter. A similar application process, and in the object card.

To view the layout of the main page here.

Catalog page. This section shows an arbitrarily large number of objects (in the settings).

To view the directory layout here.

Real Estate
Object page. On the instructions on the page displays a summary, the characteristics and a set of photos.

To view the list of products here.

About company
Briefly describe the business.

To view the layout information about the company is available here.

The company divides its services into three main areas / departments. Each section contains a small announcement of the main proposals.

To view the layout of services here.
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