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22.02.2013 — 20.12.2013
Scope of work:
Concept development
Creative Copywriting
UX, UI, experience design
Design of all advertising
Full–stack Development
Photo and Video production
Business advice
dynamic brand

Development and maintenance of the brand «EXCURSIO»

Wise thinkers say: our whole life — is a series of events of different scale and significance. It is a continuous path, where the brightest moments we celebrate in his memory in notebooks, journals. This world is incredible surround, with all the meanings and endless possibilities, admiration and astonishment. This boiler life, fantastically rich in spectacle, and the fate of the person. The whirlpool of words and numbers, love and disappointment. We choose who we have, how we live, how to relax and how impressed.

Our sense of sight and form events, full of secrets, the size of the entire universe. This is an amazing and mysterious world, fascinating atmosphere of memories, incredible action, the quintessence of facts and legends. And yet what could be better bright, emotional and cognitive life?! Every time we make a choice, and follow that road, which is determined individually.

Thus, the essence of the brand is to create an infinite associative images of travel, adventure and spectacle. Our business — an endless choice of excursions aimed at the contemplation and study of the attractions of the world. It is a relaxing and enjoyable pastime.
In our case, the presence of diversity and adventure offers of the image allows you to combine the input data and to visualize the process as a line, like life itself, history and illustrations - with line breaks, stops. And this movement is infinite as we have. And there is no limit of the story and there is no ending.
The result is that the most powerful and flexible way to establish associations in any way associated with the locations and maps - ie concretize our destiny places on the public, and it is widely understood instrument.
The resulting image helps to visualize any ideas and form a single visual style through strands of wires, roads and light rays. The lines that connect every moment of our existence, and the most significant events are specified mark. And all are reduced to one - to move, movement, freedom, history, and, in the end, for most of our lives.
The principle of incompleteness
And all of these possibilities and events mnogovariativnosti tending to infinity as long as we are alive, and there is the principle of incompleteness. It is a tool that allows you to leave a chance to play on that line, which we will be pleased here and now.
Next, the most important part of the entire work is the ability of the idea of ​​the brand to interact with the audience. We enable the viewer to participate in this great game, giving to understand and feel it with their hands. Our idea is so beautiful and simple in its decision, that even a child is able to be a part of this brand - enough to wish and to draw that line, to show that we want to literally poke your finger into the place and time in which we are (who else?) Wish be.
Any color, any trajectory - style is always the same. Powerful and rapid.
Program Interface Concept
Traveling by yourself? No problems. Choose any routes. For example, in Paris!
Images Tools
They wanted to go somewhere and see something? Decide specify his wish on the map and show where you want to visit. And, at least in our game there are two reference points - a "house" and "goal". But good tour - it's a good adventure ... So, the more points of experiences, the better. It is not what we visualized? Yes, this is life itself!
So, the brand — it's a game where every customer interacts with the product. It's easy and simple.

Basic we create posters based on the illustrations and the people on the associative level, embodying the travelers. Each character draws his route, forming their own destiny.

The second priority posters create a simpler form — they are a subsidiary, without people. In them, we focus exclusively on the lines — minimize idea into a flat shape. In this case it is necessary to pay special attention to the test, the meaning and the associative image that forms the image.
A variety of technical realization of ideas allows us to draw a line even signs, giving an exceptional style and unique charisma.

The whole world in one line - the brand with the endless possibilities of development.

The basis of the project - a high-tech site with a convenient self-administration system partners and customers. Look at the design of the site in a separate presentation.
So why is this business? Yes, because the market is free and there is strong competition (2012 - 2013 years). Only a few projects that are poorly zabrendirovany. Therefore, at the stage we are — EXCURSIO.
What problems meets vacationer who wants to get acquainted with the local culture and history? There is no single clear system uniting all the questions in one place. Therefore EXCURSIO project — a step forward.
We did a super brand, allowing to be very aggressive and mobile advertising. project organizers have taken care of as a service.
We have not made a mistake by creating a project. Prospects for success are unambiguous and predictable.
Especially for our project was purchased by the font in the studio Art Lebedev - «МMezzo». It is closest to the font that we would like to see in the framework of the new project.
Examples of the form design, envelopes, business cards. Business cards double-sided, on the back side of which are painted in a playful way the different routes.
Example razdatki advertising. A4 format leaflets 1/3 * 3
Sketch external signs of the office.
Sketches of branded bags, clothes.
About brand
Brand is more than a logo. It's an idea. Which inspires you, creates and develops your business strategies. Brand is a headway. Brand-new business, brand-new goods, brand-new emotions.

We work with ambitious clients. We send a challenge to conservatism and traditions to achieve really strong results.
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